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Experience total relaxation and detoxification in our stunning, intricately-tiled steam room.

Lounge in the 102-degree steam, supporting your body’s detoxification process and immune system, and feel your tension melt away. We recommend you enjoy the steam room in the traditional way, with a cleansing shower followed by an 8-10 minute steam. We would like to remind you that a Hammam wrap or swimsuit must always be worn, as the steam room is co-ed.  We encourage you to enjoy the steam room before and after most booked treatments, however, there are some treatments where it is not advised.

To keep our steam room intimate, we do have a maximum capacity, so drop-in visits are based on availability.We encourage you to call ahead to avoid disappointment.

$55 or complimentary with services valued over $100. Currently closed per Ontario COVID-19 Guidelines.

Support your spiritual well-being.

Hammam Turkish Bath
Cleanse your body and soothe your spirit with this purifying and refreshing ceremony, modelled on one of the world’s oldest cleansing traditions. Center yourself in our steam room before heading to our calming Turkish suites. Lay on a heated marble table while hot and cool water treatments stimulate your senses. Feel renewed as you are exfoliated with a Céla exfoliating mitt, then experience deep cleansing as layer upon layer of moisturizing bubbles are gently placed on your skin, leaving you softer than silk. The treatment concludes with a final cleanse with stimulating eucalyptus black soap. To finish, unwind in the tea lounge with warm tea, baklava, and Turkish delight — a perfectly sweet ending to this ethereal experience.
60 MINUTES | $165

Hammam Rhassoul Clay Wrap
Detoxify from head-to-toe with mineral-rich rhassoul clay mined in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Get comfortable in our Turkish suites as your skin is exfoliated and cleansed, before being cocooned in a full-body rhassoul clay mask to reduce dryness and improve skin texture. Relax as the mask sinks in while our technician works with the pressure points on your scalp, neck, and shoulders. Next, you’ll be cleansed, then treated to scalp and neck effleurage with an essential oil balm, then finally moisturized with a full-body cream application for velvety-soft skin. End your experience in our tea lounge with warm tea, baklava, and Turkish delight.
60 MINUTES | $165

Céla Seed to Skin Ritual
Nourish your skin and spirit with the finest Canadian botanicals and natural ingredients. Begin your deep-cleansing ritual wrapped in a fragrant cloud of mandarin and jasmine bubbles, then enjoy gentle exfoliation with finely-milled seeds and Abyssinian oil. Lift your spirits with an essential oil inhalation; sink into deep relaxation as a technician works with the pressure points on your head, neck, and shoulders; and finish your journey with a full-body cream application for supremely soft skin. Bask in the lingering feelings of balance and invigoration as you end your treatment in our tea lounge with warm tea, baklava, and Turkish delight.
60 MINUTES | $155

Hair Cleanse & Mask Add-on
Give your hair luxurious softness during your treatment with Céla’s Signature Shampoo and a nourishing mask, designed to hydrate and deeply-condition with vitamins and antioxidants.
15 MINUTES | $35

Hammam Indian Head Massage
Release stress and tension with our modern interpretation of the ancient Indian head massage. Relax your muscles in the steam room, then rest easy as a licensed RMT works on your scalp, neck, face, and shoulders using a warm essential oil blend. Your senses stimulated, the massage improves circulation and drains away accumulated toxins, leaving you in a place of peace and well-being. Spend a few final moments nestled in our tea lounge, sipping on warm tea and enjoying Turkish delight and baklava.
45 MINUTES | $145


Release tension and find true relaxation. 

All massages at Hammam Spa by Céla are performed by licensed RMTs.

Swedish Massage
Relax with a Swedish Massage, where the soft tissues of the body are manipulated to revive tired muscles and increase circulation.
30 MINUTES | $100
45 MINUTES | $135
60 MINUTES | $175
90 MINUTES | $230

Deep Tissue Massage
Recharge your body and release tension with a Deep Tissue Massage, where deep movements and stretching techniques are used on specific areas of concern to alleviate muscular stress. 
30 MINUTES | $100
45 MINUTES | $135
60 MINUTES | $175
90 MINUTES | $230

Sport Massage
Get your sore, aching muscles performance-ready with a Sports Massage, designed to support athletic preparation and recovery with focused, tension-relieving massage techniques.
30 MINUTES | $100
45 MINUTES | $135
60 MINUTES | $175
90 MINUTES | $230

Prenatal Massage
Find comfort during your second and third trimesters with a gentle, restorative prenatal massage tailored to your unique needs.
30 MINUTES | $100
45 MINUTES | $135
60 MINUTES | $175
90 MINUTES | $230

Support your spiritual well-being.

All massages at Hammam Spa by Céla are performed by licensed RMTs.

Céla Essential Balm Massage
Energize your spirit and enrich your body with this relaxing massage. Your circulation will be stimulated and your skin nourished as you are massaged with Céla’s Essential Balm, containing 6 plant extracts – blueberry, elderberry, evening primrose, juniper, rosemary, and lavender – and skin-softening Amazonian cupuaçu and ucuúba butters.
60 MINUTES | $180
90 MINUTES | $235

Aromatherapy Massage
A holistic treatment combining massage techniques with the healing power of essential oils. Select the custom-created essential oil blend based on the outcome you desire, then simply lay back and enjoy a new sense of calm.
– Hammam Heaven – Discover calm and stay grounded.
– Hammam Keep Calm – Relieve stress and relax completely.
– Hammam Awake – Lift your spirits and clear your mind.
– Hammam Muscle Miracle – Energize your physical being and awaken your mental state.
– Hammam Célavie – Soothe your mind and achieve deep relaxation.
60 MINUTES | $180
90 MINUTES | $235

Couples Massage
Bond with your partner as you unwind with side-by-side massages in your own private suite. Couples are free to select any type of massage.

30 MINUTES | $200
45 MINUTES | $270
60 MINUTES | $350
90 MINUTES | $460

60 MINUTES | $360
90 MINUTES | $470


Create a secluded hideaway of your very own. 

Luxuriate in secluded bliss in one of our private suites, complete with a deep-soaking tub scented with fragrant vanilla and calming lavender, a bottle of bubbly, chocolates, and 30 minutes of idyllic downtime with a special someone after your treatment.
30 MINUTES | $130


Nourish your body with a Spa lunch. 

We are happy to arrange a healthy lunch for clients spending the day with us. Enjoy a nourishing meal, a beverage of your choice, and a trio of Turkish sweets. Simply let us know your order and we’ll schedule your appointments to ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy your meal in our tea lounge.


Services designed to stimulate and soothe.

*Please note 18% automatic gratuity is included in all packages prices

Rest Package

Rejuvenate and revive with an uplifting-yet-calming massage, a bespoke facial, and a manicure.

– Hammam Steam Ritual

– 60 Minute Essential Balm Massage
– Custom Facial
– Spa Manicure
3 HOURS | $407* 

Pamper Package
Bring out your best, most blissful self with full-body exfoliation, muscle relaxation, and perfectly-polished hands and feet.
– Hammam Steam Ritual
– Natural Grain Polish
– 60 Minute Swedish Massage
– Spa Pedicure
– Spa Manicure
3.5 HOURS | $460*

Unite Package
Get closer with the one you love and create memories to cherish with a romantic tete-a-tete, spa style.
– Hammam Steam Ritual
– 90 Minute Couples Swedish Massage
– Mini Facials
– Private Suite with Bubbly & Chocolates
3 HOURS | $784*

Indulge Package
Nourish yourself and your spirit with the ultimate escape: an awakening coffee scrub, relaxing massage, mani & pedi and time to enjoy a delicious lunch in our Tea Lounge.
– Hammam Steam Ritual
– Black Gold Scrub
– 60 Minute Swedish Massage
– Signature Pedicure
– Signature Manicure
– Spa Lunch
4.5 HOURS | $525*

Spark your glow.

Targeted Facial

Pulling from the best practices of our existing facial treatments, we’ve developed a plan to target specific problem areas on the skin. Allow for a glowing renewal of fresh skin, bright eyes, and a tight jawline; as we develop a skincare plan that’s perfect for you! With new healthcare procedures set in place; exposed, non-masked areas of the face, such as the forehead, neck, and eyes, will be cleansed, exfoliated, and then treated with a prescribed face mask. 

Indulging in deep relaxation, your prescribed mask will settle into the skin, while we massage your scalp, shoulders and neck. Complete your treatment with a petite Skin Ceuticals Neck Treatment— proven to reduce fine lines and improve skin firmness. 

60 MINUTES | $130  Your medical face mask must remain on for this treatment. 


Luxury Aromatherapy Facial
Luxuriate in deep relaxation with this head-to-toe treatment combining the best of aromatherapy, massage, and skin therapy. Ignite your senses with an essential oil inhalation, then gently sink into complete bliss through a stress-relieving back massage with nourishing lavender and bergamot balm. Next, revive your skin with a facial pressure-point massage to clear the mind and restore mental balance. Finally, feel the rewards of a bespoke botanical facial, followed by a luxe mineral and seaweed masque, during which you are treated to neck, shoulder, arm, and hand effleurage.
90 MINUTES | $190

Signature Custom Facial
Reveal your healthiest-looking skin with a bespoke facial, custom-created to address your skin’s unique needs. Using advanced products and techniques to deliver the perfect mix of layered exfoliation, masquing, and facial relaxation massage, this treatment will leave every skin type bright and glowing. This relaxing sensorial experience also includes effleurage on your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, as well as a hot towel compression to the feet.
60 MINUTES | $160

Review consent form to verify your eligibility to receive this treatment before booking.

Men’s Custom Facial
Put your best face forward with a custom facial designed for every man’s unique skincare needs. Get a clean and healthy-looking complexion with cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, masquing, and product layering, then relax with neck, shoulder, arm, and hand effleurage, plus a hot towel foot compression for maximum comfort.
60 MINUTES | $160

Mini Facial
Perfect for people on the go, this bespoke facial will address your most pressing skin concerns when you’re pressed for time. Whether you’d like your skin to be more radiant, firmer, better hydrated, or simply calmed, we’ve got you covered with a unique blend of cleansing, exfoliating, and masquing.
30 MINUTES | $100

Oxygeneo Facial
Get bright, glowing skin with a treatment designed to target fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation by increasing oxygen levels in the skin tissues. Your skin is exfoliated, oxygenated, and infused with actives, before being treated to a custom-selected algae mask that’s the perfect fit for your skin. Enjoy a cream application to your arms and hands as the mask goes to work, revealing improved texture and tone.*
60 MINUTES | $180
Review consent form to verify your eligibility to receive this treatment before booking.

Intensive Facial Peel
Leave your skin radiant and refreshed with a SkinCeuticals Peel. With a combination of skin-reviving ingredients including 20% glycolic acid and 10% lactic acid, this treatment targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, pore congestion, and skin tone, all while leaving skin moisturized and dewy. Enhance the effects by indulging in a series of 4 – 6 peels, spaced 2 – 4 weeks apart.*
45 MINUTES | $135
Review consent form to verify your eligibility to receive this treatment before booking.

*Our Hammam Steam Room may be enjoyed prior to all services with the exception of Advanced Facial Services; SkinCeuticals Treatment Facial, Oxygeneo Facial and Intensive Facial Peel.

Treat the body and relax the mind.

Detoxifying Algae Wrap
Eliminate toxins and invigorate your skin with a laminaria algae full-body wrap. Relax with a scalp, neck, and shoulder pressure-point massage in our comfortable Turkish suites as the heated marble table activates the wrap, ensuring maximum absorption. The wrap is then rinsed, and your body awakened with a neck and shoulder massage. Finish with a full-body application of luxe hydrating cream, leaving your skin revitalized, renewed, and remarkably soft.
60 MINUTES | $160

Sea Mineral Mud Wrap
Tighten and tone skin with a full-body wrap rich in Dead Sea black mud, salts, and minerals. Luxuriate on the heated marble table in our Turkish Suites, as the mud is warmed for deeper absorption. Our aesthetician will work with the pressure-points on your scalp, neck, and shoulders as the mask penetrates, before rinsing and relaxing you with a neck and shoulder massage. The treatment ends with the application of a sumptuous full-body cream to leave skin gorgeously soft and gently scented.
60 MINUTES | $160

Natural Grains Polish
A full-body treatment designed to leave you glowing externally, while stimulating your lymphatic system and eliminating toxins internally. Using a natural scrub made from finely-milled Amazonian cupuaçu seeds enhanced with Abyssinian oil and shea butter, and lightly-scented with an uplifting blend of orange, cedarwood, and patchouli essential oils, skin will feel hydrated, soft, and energized. Your senses awakened, you’ll be treated to stimulation of the pressure points on your face, then swathed in a rich cream from head-to-toe to leave you feeling revitalized and exhilarated.
45 MINUTES | $150

Black Gold Scrub
Feel energized and exfoliated with an invigorating coffee scrub, designed to smooth and tighten skin while fighting cellulite. Finely-ground coffee and sugar are blended with rich cupuaçu butter and conditioning Abyssinian oil to exfoliate and nourish, while the caffeine penetrates the skin barrier and reduces cellulite by stimulating the breakdown of excess fat cells. After showering off the scrub, you’ll be treated to a facial pressure-point stimulation and lavished with a decadent full-body cream application.
45 MINUTES | $150

Hair Cleanse & Mask Add-on
Give your hair luxurious softness during your treatment with Céla’s Signature Shampoo and a nourishing mask, designed to hydrate and deeply-condition with vitamins and antioxidants.
15 MINUTES | $35


Take care of every detail.

Signature Collection
Hands are one of the hardest-working parts of your body, so we treat them with the utmost care. Our Signature Manicure & Pedicure goes beyond simply polish, beginning with a natural grain exfoliation and a conditioning paraffin masque, followed by nail and cuticle care, buffing, a luxurious cream massage, and polish application.

Spa Collection
When you’d like a luxury hand and nail treatment in less time, our Spa Manicure & Pedicure includes nail and cuticle care, buffing, a hydrating cream massage, and polish application.

Shellac Collection
Pamper your hands with a Spa Manicure and Pedicure plus an application of flawless chip-free, high-shine shellac polish.


Men’s Collection

Keep hands and feet trimmed and tidy with these ultimate grooming experiences, including a skin-softening paraffin masque, nail and cuticle care, buffing, and firm massage.



Surprisingly quick and painless.

Brows | $25
Brow Tint | $30
Upper Lip | $20
Chin | $20
Underarms | $30
Half Arm | $35
Full Arm | $50
Back | $45
Chest | $55
Half Leg | $45
Full Leg | $70
Bikini Line | $40
French Bikini | $45
Brazilian | $60