Tailored to your skin’s needs by our certified medical aestheticians.

Skincare Consultation
The best way to discover exactly what your skin needs, and when. Our medical aesthetician guides you through a one-on-one consultation to assess your skin, then builds you a personalized day/night routine and treatment plan.

Medical Facials

Custom Advanced Medical Facial
Next level facial that uses the best scientific skincare to reveal your skin’s optimum radiance. Our highly trained medical aestheticians deliver a personalized facial experience to combat your individual needs to unleash your best skin yet.
60 MINUTES | $215

Rediscover Radiance Facial
Bring brightness back to dull skin with an anti-ageing treatment and a complex blend of brightening ingredients. This treatment targets dryness, mild discoloration, and rough texture with a combination of layered exfoliation and protective antioxidants, leaving your skin brighter, more-radiant, and refreshed.
60 MINUTES | $195
Review consent form to verify your eligibility to receive this treatment before booking.

Tone Targeting Facial
Allow the science-backed skincare of SkinCeuticals to manage the appearance of discoloration and reveal smoother, brighter skin. This treatment combines advanced anti-discoloration technology with targeted exfoliation techniques, giving you radiant skin with a more uniform tone.
60 MINUTES | $195
Review consent form to verify your eligibility to receive this treatment before booking.

Beyond Brightness Facial
Get your brightest skin yet with a treatment that restores radiance and banishes dull, lackluster skin. Perfect for anyone dealing with dryness, mild discoloration, and rough skin, this SkinCeuticals facial will bring a little brightness to your day. If you have a special day coming up, we recommend this facial 1 week in advance.
60 MINUTES | $195
Review consent form to verify your eligibility to receive this treatment before booking.

Acne Fighting Facial
Tackle the toughest acne with this multi-step facial using the science and skincare of SkinCeuticals. Manage the most complex conditions associated with acne-prone skin like excess oil, uneven texture, comedones, redness, and post-inflammatory discolorations with skin clarifying and calming technologies like salicylic acid, dioic acid, and ingredients to fade acne scars. Not only will surface spots appear smaller and redness be minimized, but the treatment reduces the discomfort so common with acne flare-ups.
60 MINUTES | $195
Review consent form to verify your eligibility to receive this treatment before booking.

Sylfirm X RF
RF Microneedling treatment that is clinically proven to safely and e ectively address a number of issues, including wrinkles, redness, acne scars, minimizing pores, and improving the overall look and tone of the skin.

JetPeel Facial
Using fine misty jet streams, these powerful streams create microchannels that travel to the deeper layers of the skin. Enriched with Jet Solutions, the jet streams provide powerful transdermalnourishment, via the most comfortable, relaxing treatment experience possible. The JetPeel delivery system is the world’s first transdermal device that penetrates deeply with no needles, no incisions,and no skin breakage. No downtime needed for this treatment!

60 MINUTES | $220

Medical Aesthetics Procedures

Consultation required for each service. Email to book

Neuromodulators Using Botox® Cosmetic And Dysport®
Neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport are perfect for those seeking an alternative to fillers. By temporarily preventing muscle contractions, these neuromodulators reduce fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your appearance.
15 MINUTES | $12 per unit

Dermal Fillers For Facial Rejuvenation
When it comes to fillers, our approach is deft and delicate. Never seeking to change your appearance, Dr. Rice will instead use facial (or dermal) fillers to enhance your beautiful features by adding fullness where you want it.
15 MINUTES | Starting at $700 

Designed to stimulate your skin’s collagen production to increase facial volume, Sculptra Aesthetic gives you gradual, subtle results. Suggested treatment routine of up to three injections, scheduled roughly four weeks apart.
15 MINUTES | Starting at $800

Nose Shaping
If you’re curious about a nose job but concerned about invasive surgery, nose shaping may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Often called the ‘non-surgical nose job’, this treatment uses dermal fillers to temporarily enhance and balance the nose, without any surgery. Whether you’d like to straighten a bump, align a bridge, soften a pointed tip, or correct asymmetry, nose shaping delivers long-lasting results with minimal downtime.
15 MINUTES | Starting at $700

Lip Injections
Bring out your best pout with lip injections, designed to restore volume and plumpness. Perfect for those with naturally thin lips, or those looking to make their lips a little more luscious, our injections put a subtle spotlight on your lips in a natural-yet-stunning way.
15 MINUTES | Starting at $700

PRP Injections
Enhance your appearance the natural way with PRP Injections. By injecting platelet-rich plasma drawn from your blood into specific areas of the face, this quick treatment targets wrinkles, discoloration, and patchiness, and adds facial fullness by stimulating collagen growth. You’ll experience natural rejuvenation with minimal-to-no downtime and long-lasting results, especially when receiving a series of treatments. Additionally, these injections can be used in the scalp to encourage natural hair regrowth, with the same no-fuss approach, minimal downtime, and long-lasting results.

HAIR LOSS TREATMENT | Starting at $500
PRP FACIAL | Starting at $700

PicoSure Skin Revitalization
PicoSure a fast and easy non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment that concentrations on problem areas whether it's tattoo, age spots, freckles, sun damage, pigmented lesions, fine lines and wrinkles or acne scars.
TATTOO REMOVAL | Starting at $450

WarmSculpting by SculpSure®
Perfect for those stubborn areas that just don’t respond to diet and exercise, WarmSculpting is a non-invasive, painless treatment that targets and destroys fat cells. Tackle trouble spots on areas like your abdomen, legs, lower back, and ‘love handles’ with hyperthermic laser technology, then head right back out to your everyday life. No recovery time, no invasive surgery, just a beautifully-contoured body.

Buttock Enhancement
Enhance your buttocks and hips with Sculptra or hyaluronic acid body fillers. Delivered by Dr. Sean Rice, a leading developer in Non-Surgical Butt Enhancement and global trainer for the procedure, this treatment gives you the results you want, without the downtime.
CONSULT REQUIRED|Starting at $3,000