Winterize your Skin Care in 5 Steps

Winterize your Skin Care in 5 Steps

There’s no question that winter is harsh on your skin! Outdoors, cold temperatures and strong winds assault delicate skin, and indoors isn’t much better! Dry air from radiant and electric heating pulls at your moisture barrier.
Incorporate these 5 simple changes in your Skin Care routine during colder months to Winterize your Skin Care!

1. Use a Gentle Cleanser
Cold temperatures and wind are harsh on the skin so using your regular cleanser may be too stripping in winter months. Consider switching out your usual cleanser in favour of something milder to help replenish and restore the skins’ balance.

2. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!
Dry and overexposed skin is a consequence of winter climates. Don’t let it get out of hand! Exfoliation is a top priority to manage dry skin in winter as it not only helps with cell turnover to slough off dead flaky skin, but it helps your moisturizer penetrate deeper into the skin to give it the drink it needs.

3. Upgrade your Moisturizer
Between the outdoor climate stripping your skin of moisture, and the indoor dryness related to heating running 24/7, your skin is seriously lacking moisture. The moisturizer your skin needs in winter is much heavier than what would work for you in warmer months; it’s time to upgrade!

4. Use a Humidifier
Indoor dryness is one of the top reasons why our skin gets so dry in the winter. It has less to do with the heat in the air, and much more about the humidity lost in the air by running heating units. Investing in a humidifier indoors is necessary to help replace the moisture in the air around you that’s being sucked out by your heater.

5. Don’t Forget your UV Protection
Even on the bleakest of winter days, we are still being exposed to UV rays. UV exposure is the #1 cause of premature aging, so make sure a good quality sunscreen is a part of your regime twelve months a year. All day, every day; solar care is crucial to beautiful skin!

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