Travel Friendly Essentials

November 15, 2017 | Leave your thoughts
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The holidays are just around the corner and we’re getting ready! When it comes to traveling it’s hard to master the carry-on packing. Don’t fret because we’ve got you covered with products that’ll take you from your city routines to any destination without feeling off-schedule.

I always bring an empty bottle so that I can refill it throughout my travel day. Don’t forget to pack your BKR bottle (shop here). It’s important to stay hydrated when traveling to stave off jetlag. For overnight flights, I like to pack a Dermalogica hydrating face mist and serum (available in-store only), to prevent dry or irritable skin. Deplaning with an unfortunate case of skin issues is never a great way to kick off a holiday vacation!

Before hitting the beach, we sometimes feel insecure about being pale and pasty (I know I certainly do). Why not apply a little St. Tropez to achieve a natural and slimming glow before getting into your itsy bitsy bikini? Feel confident before you’re at the waterfront. (shop here)

And for all the men out there, pack your favourite Baxter of California products with you in TSA-Approved sizes! The kit comes with; a dopp bag, after shave balm, daily protein shampoo, daily face wash, super close shave formula, and an oil free moisturizer. It covers every area of your grooming needs – heaven in a bag, I like to call it. It doesn’t get much better than this kit! (shop here)

Your days of getting pulled over at security are gone thanks to these 100mL or less products.

Need any more suggestions for traveling or looking for new products to bring along? Drop us a line and we’re happy to help!

–  The Team at Hammam Spa