Top Day Spa in Canada!



The 2016 Canadian Spa and Wellness Awards have just been announced and we are honored to have won in both the Top Day Spa Category, and the Top 25 Spas in Canada Category for the second year running!

top day spa 2016

top 25 spas in canada

It means a lot to be recognized as a leaders by the Spa Industry Association of Canada and we are very grateful to be recipients of these awards. We come to work each day knowing that we will make a positive impact on someone’s day, but we’re always hoping our influence can have meaning beyond just the treatment time. We know that when we see a lot of our clients they have come to us not out of maintenance or routine, but often out of necessity because life has a way of getting too chaotic and stressful. When someone is dealing with struggles and has chosen us to entrust with helping them re-calibrate, we certainly take it seriously. Those are the clients we’re especially hopeful to make a difference for… Particularly heading into the holiday season, there is no greater gift we can give!

If you were thinking of coming to experiencing our spa for the first time, or for the hundredth time, we’d love to welcome you and show you just why we’re winners. To make reservations, dial 416-366-4772 or book your visit online at:



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