Introducing the OxyGeneo Facial!

November 24, 2016 | Leave your thoughts


A lot of our clients have been asking us to bring on an Oxygen Facial at the spa. We’ve been doing our research and are happy to have invested in the latest technology to bring you results in a new medium at Hammam!

The OxyGeneo treatment is based on the “Bohr Effect”, which is a natural process in our body. By creating an abundance of CO2 on the skin we trigger the “Bohr Effect” and create the condition that causes the hemoglobin in our blood to release oxygen into the skin. Since oxygen is naturally released into the skin from inside of our body, it creates a true natural and significant oxygenation of the skin.

That is why the skin looks and feels amazing immediately post treatment. This is a major distinction between the OxyGeneo treatment and virtually any other “oxygen facial” in the industry – OxyGeneo naturally oxygenates the skin from the inside-out, rather than forcing oxygen and other materials from the outside (trying to force oxygen into the skin from the outside leads to an opposite effect, the oxygen level in the skin actually goes down, because our body always strives to balance itself).

The OxyGeneo Facial service will include Hammam’s signature décolleté and arm massage as well as a luxury customized facial mask to deepen your results.

Oxygeneo works in three ways to deliver instant results:

  • EXFOLIATION of the outter layer of the skin
  • INFUSION of revitalizing nutrients
  • Natural Skin OXYGENATION from within



This treatment is suitable for all skin types except cystic acne or rosacea sufferers and is great for:

  • Immediate Brightening Results
  • Skin Plumping and Deeply Hydrating
  • Reduced Hyperpigmentation
  • Reduced Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Effective Acne Treatment

The OxyGeneo Facial will be offered at a promotional introductory rate of $135 from November 25th – December 31st. Moving into the New Year, the regular treatment cost will be $170.



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