Holiday Wellness Tips

December 22, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

Holiday Wellness Tips

Tis the Season!

The Holidays are a wonderful time. It’s a season of good will and cheer to be shared among loved ones. But with family dynamics, office parties, finances and hosting responsibilities to consider, the holidays can too often become overwhelming and stressful. Here, a few tips on keeping wellness in mind this holiday season.


Watch what you eat (and drink!)
Christmas cookies, cheese plates and eggnog are everywhere this time of year! We all know that food and drink has an obvious effect on our waistlines, but don’t underestimate the impact that too much indulging has on our moods. Being irritable is a sure way to spoil your fun. Enjoy your favourites and treat yourself but don’t overdo it on the food and drink!

Don’t compromise on sleep
Your list is a mile long and there is so much to get done before Christmas. We completely understand! Consider though how you can be expected to get everything done while also enjoying yourself when you’re running on empty. Try to keep your normal bedtime as much as possible to have the energy to greet the demands of the next day.

Take a deep breath
When you find yourself overwhelmed this holiday season (and we promise you will), take a deep breath. Draw in as much air as you can, filling the entire belly and the chest cavity, and slowly releasing your exhale through pursed lips. Deep breaths like these have been shown to not only cleanse the lungs, but to also relieve stress and calm anxiety.

Go with Kind
Family dynamics and strong personalities can run high with the stress of the season, especially where cocktails are concerned. When you’re not sure how to react to an uncomfortable or confrontational conversation, go with kind. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.


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