Hammam Spa Renovations & Introducing A New Brand!

March 28, 2019 | Leave your thoughts
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Hammam Spa has undergone some wonderful and refreshing changes over the last few months! Everything needs a little sprucing over time, right? For Hammam Spa, the small changes here and there have accumulated into something bigger. It all began with new floors then made its way to the manicure/pedicure salon walls, ceilings and plants and now we’ve completed our mini renovation in the retail store. A shout out to Tadrissi Studio for making it all happen!

We love the look of the marble walls combined with historical brick and gold accents. It’s everything our Spa represents, mixing the old with the new. The fireplace adds an element of sophistication and warmth and we can’t help but find ourselves standing by it for long periods of time…

Additionally to the renovations, we’ve picked up a reputable and natural brand; Kaia Naturals. We were pleasantly surprised to hear how many of our clients are familiar and love this brand as much as us! For those who haven’t heard of it, keep reading to learn more. Kaia Naturals is a non-toxic and 100% cruelty free brand. It provides you with clean, alternatives that target more than one beauty concern. Every scent used in the products are specially formulated by a renowned perfumer. All followed by the standards set by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), to ensure that all the scents are formulated to 100% natural standard. Kaia Naturals is also a Canadian company (we love supporting Canadian brands) and was formulated in Canada following strict standards from Health Canada and the EU for cosmetic formulation.

Hammam Spa presently carries their deodorants, dry shampoo and facial cleansing cloths. Shop the products online or in-store.