Dry Brushing 101

Dry Brushing 101

Dry Brushing is a practice that a lot of us enthusiasts at the spa have adopted as part of our beauty routine, but a lot of our clients still aren’t sure what it’s all about. Here, we explain it all. We present to you, Dry Brushing 101.



Dry Brushing is using a short bristled, natural fibre body brush on dry skin in sweeping circular motions daily for beauty benefits.



Dry brushing is said to increase circulation and help slough off dry skin cells from the skin’s surface. The increase in circulation brings more fresh blood flow for brighter skin whereas the benefits of exfoliating dry dead skin cells improves the overall texture of skin. Over time, the appearance of cellulite is improved and the skin is smoother. BONUS: The technique massages the body’s lymph nodes which helps the body shed excess water and toxins.



  1. Use a short bristled natural fibre body brush. Synthetic bristles can leave behind small scratches on the skin,so avoid them at all costs. If the bristles hurt, or your skin gets too pink, lighten up on the pressure, or look for a brush with slightly longer bristles.
  1. Sweep brush with medium pressure in circular controlled motions starting from the extremities of the body and moving upwards towards the heart. Begin with the feet traveling up the shins, and up along the thigh, covering all sides of the body. Move slowly and repeat circular motions for 90 seconds per part of the body being worked on.
  1. Repeat the technique on arms, and front and back side of torso until the whole body has been Dry Brushed. Avoid areas of sensitivity, injury or eczema.
  1. Finish with your favourite body oil, like the Decléor Aroma Nutrition Softening Dry Oil, or pop into the shower to wash off any debris.


So there you have it. Start incorporating Dry Brushing into your daily routine and tell us in the comments section below what results you are seeing!

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