It’s the BALM!

August 31, 2017 | Leave your thoughts
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Dermalogica just launched their newest product and we couldn’t have been more excited to try it! It’s called PreCleanse Balm and anyone who’s used PreCleanse (one of their top 5 products) is going to fall in love with this balm.

If you don’t already know, a cleansing balm is an oil-based cleanser that works wonders against removing stubborn makeup, excess oils, and impurities from your skin. It also acts as a moisturizer because the oils in the balm dissolve the days dirt from your face without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

I’ve been a bit weary to incorporate a cleansing balm into my routine because of the ones I’ve tried in the past. They’ve all felt too ‘oily’, didn’t do a good job dissolving my waterproof makeup, and left my skin with a greasy film, even after using a gel cleanser.

I took home my pre-launch PreCleanse Balm to try with a bit of skepticism and I couldn’t have been more surprised – this stuff is PHENOMENAL!

First things first – it comes with a CLEANSING MITT! You got it! Every time you purchase a PreCleanse Balm you get a fresh, ridiculously soft glove to work the balm into your skin – removing every last speck of dirt from your face. The PreCleanse Balm comes in a 90mL tube and it’s a semi-solid balm that smells exactly like PreCleanse (Grapefruit, Lavender, Rosemary) YUM!

The PreCleanse Balm is formulated with a Natural Biolipid Complex that helps reinforce the skin’s barrier function and preserve hydration as well as Apricot Kernal Oil that helps nourish and moisturize leaving you with zero irritation! The best thing about PreCleanse Balm is that it’s perfect for all skin types, even sensitive.

With Fall only 22 days away I can’t think of a better time to incorporate PreCleanse Balm into my routine. As the temperatures drop my skin will start to feel dryer and dryer and the abundance of oils in PreCleanse Balm will help me remove my makeup comfortably without irritating it or leaving it feeling parched.

To use the PreCleanse Balm with the Cleansing Mitt, apply an almond sized amount onto the mitt and swipe across the forehead, down the nose, over the cheeks and along the jawline. Massage the balm using the mitt, getting into every nook and cranny, you’ll notice the balm melts into a watery oil as you work it into the skin. Add water to emulsify the oil and then rinse it away. Waterproof makeup doesn’t stand a chance!

So PreCleanse Balm is going to be Step Zero in your cleansing routine. It’s important to double-cleanse to first remove all of the makeup, excess oils, impurities and then follow with a second cleanser best suited for your skin type for targeted cleansing. One of our favorites? Special Cleansing Gel! The foaming gel leaves your skin feeling refreshingly clean without feeling stripped or dry. We’ve got at least 20 different cleansers for you to choose from at Hammam and if you’re not sure which one is best for you, one of our fabulous estheticians will help you find the perfect one. Check out more of our cleansers here!

We’ll have PreCleanse Balm @ Hammam Spa on September 7th!

You’ve got to come in to try it. It’s the BALM!