Benefits of the Hammam Steam

Benefits of the Hammam Steam


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We are excited to start sharing our industry knowledge on beauty, health and wellness topics, and where better to start then with the benefits of our very own Hammam Steam Room.

We get asked all the time, “why steam?” The answer is that the Hammam is sooo much more than just a steam room. Our Hammam is the first of its kind in Eastern Canada and works in a multitude of ways to promote well-being. The thick wet steam and heat in the Hammam, rising to 102 degrees at its peak, relaxes the muscles, relieving built up tension and naturally alleviating pain. It is recommended that guests joining us for massage treatments use the Hammam Steam prior to their service as the Hammam will warm up the muscles, allowing the RMT to provide a more effective treatment as the body is already prepared and loosened, ready for treatment.

Eucalyptus Oils are diffused in the Hammam, the benefits of which promote good respiratory health, and contains anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic and decongesting properties. Eucalyptus’ smell is stimulating and known to remove exhaustion and mental sluggishness and enhance ones mood and spirits. Light Therapies used in the Hammam enrich the sensory experience.

Immersed in the heat, the body’s natural cooling mechanism of sweating kicks in, and detoxifies itself by eliminating toxins through the pores. Not only is this good practice for enhanced overall internal health, this process yields many beautifying results such as glowing, clean skin.

The Hammam Steam may be used before any service at the spa, with the exception of waxing, and can be enjoyed post-treatment for many services as well. Use of the Hammam Steam is complimentary with services valued above $100, and can also be enjoyed on a drop in basis without booked services for a fee of $55.


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